Medical Cannabis Versus Fibromyalgia

Using Medical Cannabis Improved My Quality of Life...

When it comes to medical cannabis versus my’s a TKO!

Well, it is for me at least. Everybody is different. I'm not a doctor, and have no idea if cannabis is the right choice for you. I can't tell you what to do when it comes to your health.

But, what I can do is share my personal journey with cannabis and how it's helped my chronic illness life become that bit more livable and sometimes even downright fun!

Medical Cannabis helps ease some of my Fibro symptoms and even on bad days helps improve my mood. Walking around in chronic pain, while it feels like you’re dragging gigantic cement blocks behind you, sometimes makes even the cheeriest of us cranky. So, a relaxed happier mood is ALWAYS more than welcome.

Medical Cannabis Strain Blue Dream Most Popular Strain in 2015 according to LeaflyAccording to Leafly Blue Dream was the most popular cannabis strain in 2015.

In 2015 I had reached the point that medication side effects were seriously messing with my life.

I ignored and lived with most of them but, some were as bad as the Fibromyalgia itself.

For example, my stomach pain caused by one pill had become unbearable. When I discussed it with my Doctor I got a prescription for something to treat that medication’s side effect.

It was like a never ending vicious cycle that just kept growing bigger and bigger. For every new pill, I would suffer a new set of symptoms that required yet another pill or two or three. I noticed that people in my online fibro group were talking about medical cannabis and how it was helping to improve their lives.

And, so after a bunch of research I talked to my Doctor about using medical cannabis to treat Fibromyalgia. I’m lucky, she is a believer. 

It wasn’t quite as simple as getting a prescription for one thing and then just buying it. I mean it was, but when I went to order there were many, many, many different strains to choose from. I spent some time trying to understand the basics. Ordered some weed and got down to business.

In other words, I set out on a two year journey experimenting and taste testing various strains, edibles and dosages of medical cannabis aka marijuana, weed, herb, grass, bud, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, 420 etc.

AC/DC tribute Band “TNT – The Bon Scott Revue” at City Square featuring Kevin Wright on Vox

I was more interested in consuming thc through edibles rather than smoking and I wanted to be able to make them myself.

I started experimenting by making a coffee cream. I remember the first time I had some.

I sipped at it like any other coffee and totally forgot about it. Awhile later it dawned on me that I was feeling pretty relaxed and completely at ease.

Which was weird. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good weird because I was in a crowded noisy place watching a band perform live. Unless you are a fellow chronic illness warrior, you may not realize just how big of an achievement that was.

Not only did I make it to the event, I sat through it and enjoyed it.

I have since perfected my own canna infused milk/cream recipe.

What I found was that effects vary depending on the cannabis strain. For example some strains like hazes help relieve my anxiety. Whereas some sativa strains actually cause me to be anxious. 

Some give me pain relief, while others help me drift off to what can often be an ever elusive sleep.

I’ve recently discovered that a particular strain Super Lemon Haze gives me an energy boost and when used daily eases some of my chronic pain. I actually get a task or two done. 

Small batch handcrafted cannabutterCannabutter

I prefer edibles to smoking. The effects last much longer but they also take time to begin working. Consistency can be a tad off when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Which can be a bit frustrating but the wonders of the right edible; wow!

Treating my fibro with cannabis is an ongoing process that requires testing and tweaking. Just like my big pharma treatments did. Except, trying different Medical Cannabis combos or recipes is a whole heck of a lot more pleasant than killing my liver with pills that make me feel like I’m dying instead of making me feel better.

I have gone from 11 prescriptions totalling 25 pills per day down to Cannabis and 3 non Fibromyalgia related prescriptions of 1 pill each per day. 

Quite simply put since beginning to use medical cannabis for Fibromyalgia, my dependency on pharmaceuticals has declined and my quality of life has improved significantly.  

I’m happier, my mind is clearer, I get sleep and my pain level has eased.

I’m not saying that Cannabis eliminates Fibro flares, I still get them. We Fibro Warriors are well aware, it takes A TON of effort and absolute respect of personal limitations to avoid those. And, even then sometimes you still find yourself flailing through a raging Fibromyalgia flare. Cannabis though, sure can help make for a much smoother ride through the flare to the other side.

In this section of Fun Ways to Heal I will share my Medical Cannabis adventures and other weed information like…

Take care, Shelley

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