Canna Cook Strain Reviews

Canna cook strain reviews of Blue Dream, Mango Kush & Megaladon

I call these my canna cook strain reviews because, well, these are my favourites with which to infuse yummy foods.

Strain Review of Mango Kush 

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Mango Kush Review

I absolutely love cooking with this strain especially Mango Kush Bacon. Grind a gram or two up real fine, cover both sides of the bacon strips and fry them real slow. The longer you cook it, the more potent it becomes. 

The Mango Kush cannabis infused bacon has a yummy flavour of sweet and salty. 

Three pieces of bacon leaves me mellow, slightly giggly and then a body stone hits and I find myself enjoying the sweet serenity of couch lock. The effects kick in about an hour after eating (this will differ from person to person). I can't say how long they last because I'm usually busy enjoying a nap after having dozed off in front of the tv.

Great for insomnia! 

My motto's always been waste not want not...

Whenever I cook cannabacon, I keep the grease to use in another dish. The one in the video is a family fave. Garlic coil and fresh mushrooms sauteed in canna bacon grease.

This particular batch was made from Mango Kush bacon. There is a slight sweet undertone of mango and the kush makes for a relaxing evening after a cannabis dosed supper.

Ahhhh Cannabis that new ingredient...bringing "comfort foods" to a whole other level.

Strain Review of Blue Dream

Canna Cook Strain Review of Blue Dream Infused Coffee CreamMaking Blue Dream Infused Canna Cream

I can see why Blue Dream was a top strain in 2015 and remains popular today. It's great as a pick me up especially if I want to do something creative. Start small with this strain until you know how it affects you. Too many tokes left me feeling a little anxious. 

On the flip side, it's a favourite for someone I know who gets anxiety relief from this cannabis strain. 

I have done a lot of cooking with Blue Dream but I absolutely love the infused cream that I make with it. Talk about a cuppa relaxtion with a little cerebral invigoration mixed in. Warm drinks infused with this canna cream makes for a chill evening of socializing.

Strain Review of Megalodon

Canna Cook Strain Reviews Megalodon

Let me start this canna cook strain review by saying that Megalodon makes an absolutely knock your socks off gggggreat canna butter! 

Smoking it is uplifting and clears my mind. It gives me energy, makes me smile and feel like dancing. I know I might sound like a broken record here. But, this strain packs a pretty powerful wallop. I've read that it can kick start anxiety in some people. So take it easy until you know how it affects you. Start off small. Personally, I've only had good experiences with it.

Megalodon has a distinct taste that carries over into the infused foods. You have to like the flavour of the cannabis or you probably won't like the taste of the food.

I used a 1/2 oz of cannabis with a pound of butter. Slow cooked it for 20 hours. And, WOW! 1 tsp of butter is plenty to have a good time with. I've made canna brownies and grilled cheese with the infused butter. 

The grilled cheese sandwiches led to a complete and utter giggle fest. Here's how this batch of cannabutter was made.

Hope you enjoyed these canna cook strain reviews. More to come soon...

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