Star Anise Essential Oil

Star Anise Essential Oil Smells Like Liquorice!

Essential Oil Uses Star Anise

Star Anise Essential Oil

I read in Jill Norman's spice guide that star anise has been used in folk medicine to relieve both colic and rheumatism. 

So I got to thinking that I'd like to make a star anise coconut canna oil.

In theory this cream could help bring relief to multiple ailments and discomforts. Not just for my arthritis pain but for period cramps and stomach pain as well. 

Star anise essential oil uses include adding them to soaps and in perfumes. 

So there's another plus, it should smell great in my aromatherapy diffuser. I think it'll be a real mood booster and a comforting reminder of childhood.

I mean, whether you like liquorice or not it smells like candy and that brings back memories of a simpler time.

Just so you know, the spice star anise is not the same as anise. The seeds come from two different plants and from different geographical areas. Though, they both do smell like liquorice. 

Oh, and beware! Japanese star anise is very toxic if ingested. But, they  do burn it as incense. 

My nephew had given me a gift certificate from Wishes for my birthday. Yay! Support locally owned businesses!

So I planned a little outing to Downtown Duncan to enjoy some much deserved oil sniffing. 

I wasn't sure which oils I'd be getting that day. But, star anise was on my #essentialoilbucketlist so I knew if Wishes had it I'd be sniffing.

Divine Essence 

That was so much fun! After much debate I chose three different Divine Essence oils.

Now that I have 4 DE oils I can call them a collection. Which reminds me that I really need to gather up my oils and organize my collection ;)

It had the most natural smell and it felt like good quality. 

Bonus! It's organic.

I like the Divine Essence Star Anise Essential Oil. It's a bit more expensive than I'm used to but the price wasn't too high at $17 for the 15 ml (half ounce) bottle.

The liquorice smell is pretty strong. Lesson learned; only use a drop of two in the diffuser.

I don't see myself testing other brands. I can get the Divine Essence locally. I like their business philosophy and they are a Canadian company.

As I learn more about the healing properties of specific spices can't wait to test their oils. I'm looking forward to doing a lot more experimenting so keep an eye out for some new EO recipes coming soon.

Here's the plan so far...

I'm escaping Fibromyalgia pharmaceutical hell and setting out on a journey of finding fun ways to heal.

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