Mint Essential Oil

I Love Mint Essential Oil! 

Mint essential oil is very healing for me and is a staple in my fibromyalgia home remedies kit.  It packs a powerful punch against pain. The scent is revitalizing. It provides an instant pick me up and bonus, helps clear sinuses too. I also love using it in natural oil sprays because it smells so clean.

Relaxus Japanese Mint Oil

There is a variety of mint essential oil types to choose from. Which makes sense because there are multiple mint species. Mint is a family of herbs; genus Mentha. There, that’s about as technical as I’m going to get about Mint ;)

What can I say about the mingling multiple sensations of minty oils? WOW! That’s what I say.

Ever have burning feet? You know when your Fibro kicks it up a notch and makes you feel like you have red hot chili peppers for toes. Throw in restless legs, not sure why but I always seem to end up with both at the same time, and you’re left squirming n’ burning. Which is pretty darned uncomfortable!

Personally I find the burning feet sensation even worse in the cold. Sometimes my fibro feet feel like they are frozen to the core and as if they are on fire, at the same time. It’s like Fibro me is just one great big walking, talking contradiction from head to toe.

If this hasn’t happened to you. Great! I am happy for you. If it does though, rubbing some peppermint essential oil into your feet or putting together a relieving foot soak can really help ease the burning. The mint oil soothes, cools and makes your toes tingle in a good way.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

When it’s really hot out I prefer using the Japanese Mint oil directly on my feet. Cools them right down and relieves the burning sensation. When it’s cold out, a nice hot foot soak works wonders in so many ways (ahhhh big sigh).

I speak from experience when I say, be careful not to apply too much topically. Especially if it’s pure and high quality like Young Living’s peppermint. The sensations can be quite intense. Also, for goodness sake, don’t get essential mint oil in or too close to your eyes!

Some mint essential oils like Young Living’s need to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying directly to your skin. So please, always remember to check the product label for safety guidelines before using any essential oil directly on your skin.

Got a painful area? Peppermint essential oil is also great for massaging sore spots but, don’t ever use it for a full body massage.

I find when I use mint oils topically the effect is pretty much immediate. I use Young Living Peppermint oil and Relaxus Japanese Mint Oil.

For smaller areas of 5+ pain spots and in the diffuser I prefer the Young Living Peppermint Oil. I like the Japanese mint oil in foot soaks, directly on muscle pain and for making essential oil sprays. Best cure for burning, achy, tired feet EVER!

Mint oils are great to use in sprays, they freshen the air and clear sinuses at the same time. Also, mint scents mingle well with other aromas, like lavender for instance. My daughter has her own personal mint and lavender essential oil spray recipe that she’s come up with. She uses it on her linens, to freshen up her bed and curtains. It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Healing with Essential Oils 

My favourite is Japanese Mint Oil and Young Living Peppermint is my number two.

I'm looking forward to doing a lot more experimenting so keep an eye out for some new EO recipes coming soon.

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