The Spices List

The spices list is growing! 

This section of Fun Ways to Heal is made up of the spices list itself, spice recipes, and info about the health benefits of spices and herbs individually.

I’ll also share things like herb and spice mix recipes, pictures and videos of my spiced up veggie stir fry experiments and other spicy things.

But, for now it all starts with one page and this is that page ;)

I’m going to use first hand vegetable cooking examples throughout the spices list section. After all, part of this fibro journey is to incorporate the powerful health benefits of herbs, spices and veggies into my life.

My youngest daughter and I found that eating meat was making us feel sick. We’re new to the world of vegetarians and we’re experimenting with creative healthy ways to spice up our protein intake J. So we’ll be tossing beans, legumes and lentils into the mix.

Some veggies are higher in protein, take artichokes for example. They provide around 3 grams of protein per half cup according to this chart at

I’ve noticed since eliminating meat from my meals, I no longer feel nauseous while eating and the frequency of my restless leg flares have diminished. As we delve further into our new meat free lifestyle there will be a lot of pictures of vegetarian dishes to share.

I’ve always been a fan of stir fries. But, until setting out on my fun ways to heal journey I hadn’t exactly been adventurous with vegetable, spice and herb variety.

In fact, looking back I can see they were pretty repetitive. Always with the same old tired vegetables, and a tad dull flavour wise. Garlic being the exception, I’ve always used tons of garlic. That’s why one of my favourite gifts from my sister is a jar of her minced homegrown garlic.

Sometimes I blend my own herbs and spices but for the most part I try to support local artisans, especially my favourite Spice Lady over at Sutton Creek Spice Blends.  You can find her at the Duncan Market on Saturday and Cedar on Sunday.

Now that I’m learning more about just how healing vegetables, spices and herbs are, I’m being way more exploratory with my choices.

I lucked into a hardcover of The Complete Book of Spices by Jill Norman, in excellent condition at a thrift shop. Yay me! I'm finding the information she provides about medicinal uses and applications of spices interesting. Just right for a beginner like me.

Experimenting has been fun, sometimes a little tough on the tongue…you know like when I’m occasionally a little heavy handed with a particularly zingy spice. Then again, those are the ones that end up being my daughter's favourites. 

That’s the glory of cooking with herbs and spices! The amount you add of each is based on your own personal preferences.  

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