Cannabis Infused Milk

Cannabis Infused Milk Recipe Origin

When the doctor handed me my very first prescription for cannabis he included a short handwritten recipe. He suggested rather than smoke it I might try cooking with canna. He felt it was a healthier option. Plus, I had quit smoking cigarettes and he felt I should wait longer before lighting up.   

The recipe was pretty simple. Grind up a gram of weed, sprinkle it into a cup of milk in a pot and cook it on really low for twenty minutes or so.

I did and it worked. I enjoyed a mild buzz that came on slowly. More importantly though, my anxiety hit rock bottom, my pain eased and I had a bit of energy. My Fibromyalgia was in high gear at the time. I wasn’t getting out much and had limited mobility. My pain levels were through the roof. With the help of my first special coffee I was able to attend a small outdoor concert and stay for the whole show.

Did I mention it was an AC/DC tribute band? If you have Fibro, then you know what an incredibly rare treat it is to actually be able to listen to loud music. Anything loud for that matter. I sat there in the town square surrounded by people and noise sipping my cannabis infused milk in coffee.

Over a forty minute period my senses that were in overdrive gradually eased from a frantic highway pace into a pleasant school zone speed. I was becoming anxiety free while happy loud chaos surrounded me.

It was a great way to get started on a new approach for tackling my fibro symptoms and the perfect send off for my many upcoming cooking with cannabis adventures.

I've made a bunch of batches since that very first one. I've also learned a lot about cooking with cannabis and I've had fun experimenting with recipes.

Cannabis Infused Milk Recipe

  • 3 grams decarboxylated Hawaiin Cannabis (this batch contained 15-20% THC)
  • 3 cups homogenized milk
  • 1/3 cup coffee or table cream (for this batch of milk I used 10% coffee cream) 

While the cannabis is in the oven I pour the milk and cream into my slow cooker set at the lowest temperature. This way the dairy ingredients were already warm when I added the ground cannabis.  

Hawaiian Sweet Canna Infused Milk, Hot Chocolate & Orange Tea

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