Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis Update May 2018

I haven't added as much about cooking with cannabis to the website as I'd like to have so far. Working at Fibro speed is blooming frustrating! Though I’m happy to say progress has been made in my canna kitchen.

So I figured I should at least put together a bit of a canna cooking update. I’ve been trying out new and fun ways to cook 420 infused edibles for myself. I've even managed to make a few vegan dishes. Talk about healthy munchies.

I've made yummy chocolates, brownies, cupcakes & other sweets too. And, am particularly fond of my cann butter and cannabis infused coffee cream.

I have so many cannabis recipe ideas floating around in my head, just ripe for the picking.  I’m constantly jotting little cannabis cooking notes to myself.

That’s why I have notebooks all over the house so there’s always one close at hand to write in.

Between my notebooks and my pictures I have a lot of information to share about my experiences cooking with different cannabis strains. It’s just a matter of putting it all together. Ha ha ha "just"!

Whenever I’m canna cooking I take lots n' lots of pictures so that I can document the process from start to finish. I plan on making some video's with them and writing up the recipes to put here on the site.

Moving at fibro pace so much these last six months has slowed progress of those projects. So, for now here are a few pictures from some of my cannabis cooking fun...

Canna Rainbow Cupcakes
Baking Cannabis Sweets
Mmmmelting Cannabutter
Cannabis Butter Grilled Cheese

It's been pretty educational tweeking my essential oil &  cannabis infused coconut oil cream recipe for easing my fibro pain.

This particular batch was made with an indica dominant strain mixed with lemon grass, eucalyptus, japanese mint and black spruce essential oils.

It's a home run for easing my bursitis pain and even helped my husband's chronic knee pain! So proud of myself ;) 

I've always enjoyed learning and I must say, cannabis research and experimenting has most definitely been a heck of a lot of fun.

When I read up on a new strain that sounds interesting, it gets added to my #420bucketlist. As I try each strain for the first time I enjoy writing reviews for sites like

I've also been having fun taking pictures of pretty bc bud flowers and posting them on instagram. Here's a video of some of my 420 pics.

Despite occasionally stumbling into the hell fire of fibro flares along the way continues to grow one page a time and I'm finally learning to incorporate a little fun into my fibro life whenever I can.

Canna Cooking Section is Growing...

Canna Peanut Butter

My Top 3 Strains For Cooking in 2018

Here's the plan so far...

I'm escaping Fibromyalgia pharmaceutical hell and setting out on a journey of finding fun ways to heal.

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